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May. 18th, 2011 10:58 am
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I'm a lampwork bead artist, dismayed by the lack of lampwork bead communities. Then I got to thinking 'Huh, what about jewelry artists! They could have input I wouldn't think of!' and so here I am!.

A brief look at the things I do:

I'm a bead artist. This means that I take a torch, add fire, apply to glass, and wind around a metal stick coated in clay called a mandrel. I'm sure that beaders have come across beads with a white coating inside the hole. This is bead release, a kind of high-fire, fragile-when-cool clay.

I also do off-mandrel pendant work. Usually with scraps of glass, but often with cane. I love playing with colors and texture, making subtle tone variations. This leads to a visually interesting bead that feels really nice when wrapped in your fingers.

If any beaders have ideas for beads they would like to see made, or would like to do a collaboration, feel free to message me. I'm always looking for new ideas and people to work with!
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